Episode 8

Episode 8
Lemmy (Ian Fraser) Kilmister: A moment of loudness.

This episode, we talk about the legendary Lemmy Kilmister. In his memory, Matt drinks a Lemmy (Coke and Jack) and Jim drinks what he calls a Zack Wylde (straight Jack Daniels).

Did Lemmy really live life like he didn’t care? Why didn’t Motörhead achieve as much success as other bands?

We discuss Metallica’s Black Album and how the Load album inspired Matt to play classical and jazz guitar. Matt talks about Metallica’s ‘new’ bass player.

Why are Jim’s neighbors not able to grow grass in their yard?

Lemmy’s Marshall bass amps: Why did he have to play so loud to get his sound? Why do old amps, in general, need to be played so loud to get tone?

What electric guitar tones does Matt like? Matt hates wah and cascaded distortions pedals. Jim likes them along fuzz boxes like the the ZVex Fat Fuzz Factory but not chorus pedals.

Can the The Edge from U2 play guitar or does he just hide behind effects? Is he like Jackson Pollock or Pablo Picasso?

Matt professes his admiration of Jimmy Page and his tone, especially in the documentary “It Might Get Loud”. Does Jack White hate The Edge?

Joe Bonamassa: is he the Frank Gambale of blues?

We talk about our former jazz guitar instructor Joe Negri.

Is Lemmy a legend? Did he change music?

Matt has issues with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He doesn’t consider it a real hall of fame and wonders why are so many great bands missing.

Matt doesn’t like Nickelback and believes Lemmy could have beat up all of their dads.

Intro and outro music by Jim, inspired by Lemmy.

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